07/09/2013 11:06 EDT | Updated 09/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Hunt For B.C. Grizzly That Attacked 2 Men Called Off


Conservation officers in the Fernie area of B.C. have given up trying to find a grizzly sow that attacked and mauled two hikers last week.

Brian Braconnier and Keith Farkas were scouting an area around Mount Proctor last week when they came between the grizzly mother and her cub.

The bear attacked, swiping Braconnier repeatedly and attacking Farkas. Both were left with deep puncture wounds and claw marks on their arms and legs but no serious injuries.

Farkas believed he may have shot the bear during the attack, and conservation officers worried a wounded grizzly wandering in the bush could be dangerous.

But conservation officer Joe Caravetta says they found nothing after two days of searching.

“We spent two extensive days searching for the bears,” he said. “We were unable to find any substantial evidence the bears were injured so therefore we left the bears alone.”

Caravetta says the bear wasn’t at fault so they wouldn't necessarily have put her down.

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