07/09/2013 10:30 EDT

Kristen Stewart Goes Back To Drab After Glamorous Paris Trip (PHOTO)

Why so glum, Kristen Stewart?

Fresh off a glamorous trip to Paris in which Robert Pattinson's ex dazzled in a lace revenge jumpsuit and a chic Chanel suit, the "Twilight" hottie was back home in L.A. wearing her usual drab attire.

The lithe 23-year-old accessorized her serious look with a backwards baseball cap (a keepsake from her relationship with Rob?), skinny jeans, a white tied-up tee, a grey cardigan, Vans slip-ons and hipster glasses. Hey KStew, what happened to your Converse sneakers?

But the tattoo fanatic's boring outfit wasn't what caught our eyes; some prankster left a message for KStew! The scrawled messaged, which read "I (heart) Rob)" was left on the hood of the actress' dirty truck. Was it a practical joke from a fan, a revenge note from Rupert Sanders (the director Stewart cheated on Pattinson with) or is the brunette beauty trying to send a message to her ex?

It's more likely that "The Runaways" star just didn't notice the scrawl, and why would she? This girl has better things to do than pine for an ex-boyfriend, which is why the talented youngster has already signed up to film what will surely be her next hit movie, "Camp X-Ray."

Robsten, schmobsten!

Kristen has... interesting style:

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