07/09/2013 09:56 EDT

Paulina Gretzky Wears Tiniest Shorts Ever (PHOTOS)

If Paulina Gretzky can't be in the smallest bikini known to mankind, than by God she's going to try to squeeze into the tiniest shorts ever.

Wayne Gretzky's little girl posed for an Instagram photo in a pair of the shortest jean shorts on Earth, which showed off her long, toned legs. Nary a swimsuit in sight, the wannabe model (kinda) covered herself up in a black tee with a low-cut neckline and accessorized with cute booties.

But the 24-year-old selfie pro wasn't the only hot girl in the pic; Paulina's friend Kristina was also vying for our attention in a barely-there black onesie which was arguably smaller than Gretzky's shorts! (A quick look at Kristina's Instagram account reveals a girl who also loves itsy bitsy bikinis, showing off her boobs on yachts and clubbing till the sun rises. Wow, these two really are soulmates!)

What we really want to know is: When will the two-time Flare covergirl dance and sing for us again? If the Great One's daughter is taking requests, we would like to see her perform to Rihanna, Jessie J and Kanye West.

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