07/09/2013 10:49 EDT | Updated 07/09/2013 12:48 EDT

Snake On A Toronto Train: Flooded GO Train Gets Surprise Passenger

CBC Video

Passengers on a flooded GO Train in Toronto got another surprise on Monday evening. A passenger snapped a photo of a small snake swimming in the murky water that had entered the train compartment after heavy rains slammed the city during rush hour.

"I texted my wife and said 'there's a snake on the train,'" commuter Ben Bahreini told the CBC. Bahreini said the small animal was not really scaring anyone and he even snapped a brief video of the reptile.

Other passengers also snapped photos of the small serpent.

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And yes, the incident did draw an inevitable comparison to Samuel L. Jackson's cult action film "Snakes On A Plane", where a plane full of passengers led by Jackson have to fight off a horde of poisonous snakes.

This guy wasn't dangerous. "It looks like one of our native brown snakes. They are harmless little things that stay pretty small and eat little things like worms and insects," Reptilia Zoo's director of research Andre Ngo told the Huffington Post Canada.

The snake was probably the least of the train passengers' worries. As a result of the heavy rains and flooding, they were trapped on the GO Train for hours. Emergency crews were able to pull the hundreds of passengers off the train after midnight on Tuesday.

“Sometimes people on the GO Train are on their cell phones, and in their own world. But it wasn’t like that. Nobody was an outcast. Everybody was in it together,” passenger Jessica Moore told the National Post.