07/09/2013 13:25 EDT | Updated 09/08/2013 05:12 EDT

Tips for staying safe after Toronto's flash floods

Hours after a month's worth of rains poured down upon Toronto, many residents are dealing with the results of the flash flooding that ensued.

Toronto police and city officials have published tips for residents to stay safe, whether they are at home or traversing the city's rain-soaked streets on Tuesday.

Dealing with flooding

The City of Toronto has issued tips for homeowners who are dealing with flooding and lingering power outages.

Homeowners are urged to call 311 to report any blocked drains or sewer backups. They are able to call the number at any time of day, for either information or assistance.

Insurance companies should also be notified of property damage as soon as possible.

The city says that homeowners should call professionals to help clear out flooded basements.

Power outages

Appliances should be turned off or unplugged to avoid damage when the power comes back on.

The city advises residents to turn on their most essential appliances when power is restored and to wait 10 to 15 minutes before switching on the rest.

Outages can be reported to Toronto Hydro by calling 416-542-8000.

Outdoor safety

Toronto police say drivers should avoid roadways with standing water. If motorists come to an intersection with the traffic lights out, they should treat the crossing as a four-way stop.

Pedestrians are advised to avoid riverbanks. Parents should keep a close eye on children and pets to ensure they are nowhere near rivers, lakes and streams with elevated water levels.

Police remind the public to avoid contact with any downed wires.