07/09/2013 12:53 EDT | Updated 09/08/2013 05:12 EDT

World's oldest man was proud of St. John's roots

James McCoubrey, who briefly held the title as the world's oldest man before dying Friday in San Francisco, often talked of his roots in Newfoundland, his daughter says.

McCoubrey, 111, was born in St. John's in Sept. 13, 1901 — three months before Guglielmo Marconi made history by receiving a transatlantic transmission on Signal Hill.

McCoubrey was raised in Halifax. He settled in Massachusetts where he ran a business until he retired.

His daughter Patricia Salveson, 84, told CBC News that her father lived a fulfilling life, but there was one thing he did not accomplish.

"He always talked fondly of the fact that he was a 'Newfie,' and we certainly knew about Newfoundland and Nova Scotia," Salveson said.

"He really wanted to go back. He did get back to Halifax but he just never got back to St. John's. It's something I think he really would like to have done."

McCoubrey was given the title of the world's oldest living man in June when a 116-year-old Japanese man passed away.

The new oldest living man in the world is 111, and also lives in Japan.

The oldest living woman is 115, and is also Japanese.