07/10/2013 06:23 EDT | Updated 09/09/2013 05:12 EDT

Alberta's Modular Classrooms Brought In For Flooded Areas

HIGH RIVER, Alta. - The Alberta government plans to put at least 75 modular classrooms into action to make sure kids impacted by flooding are back in school come September.

Education Minister Jeff Johnson went to High River, one of the worst hit communities in southern Alberta, to make the announcement Wednesday.

He said four of six schools in High River should be good to go come September, but the Catholic schools in the town suffered significant damage.

In Calgary, Johnson says there are about 50 schools in the public school system that have roof damage from the heavy rain.

He says there is a tremendous amount of people and resources being mobilized across southern Alberta to make sure all the schools are fixed up in time for September.

Each modular classroom costs about $300,000.

"I can assure parents that there's going to be places for kids to go in September. We might have some schools disrupted for the next year, but that's all I could foresee it being," Johnson said.

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