07/10/2013 13:45 EDT | Updated 09/09/2013 05:12 EDT

B.C. man beats illness, sees Daft Punk cover go viral

Jim Bennett should probably buy a lottery ticket, given his luck this year.

The Vancouver bass player beat a life-threatening illness and now his recent YouTube cover of Daft Punk's 'Get Lucky' has gone viral.

"I basically have a second chance at life, and have been re-evaluating all the things that are really important — family, music, and just doing what you love," Bennett said in an interview with Rick Cluff on CBC Radio's The Early Edition.

On New Year's Day, the 30-year-old musician was hospitalized with a diagnosis of necrotizing pancreatitis. Doctors at Vancouver General Hospital told his friends and family he had a 10 per cent chance of survival.

"I was just so lucky to have so many loved ones around, and such a great medical team with Dr. [Andrzej] Buczkowski, " Bennett said about the nine surgeries he underwent over the course of three months.

During that time at the hospital, his mother and his girlfriend Andrea Terpenkas brought him a guitar.

"It really kept me going, just practicing in the hospital bed," Bennett said. "Andrea and I both really think music is food for your soul, and it was really important to start feeding the soul, I guess."

While neither Bennett nor Terpenkas can explain why the video has gone viral, it just might be that luck is on his side.

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