07/10/2013 05:48 EDT

Calgary Stampede 2013: Midway Food To Cure A Hangover

It's no secret that drinking plays a big part in Calgary Stampede festivities.

Employers turn a blind eye to booze-weary staff who show up hungover, pop-up nightclubs and bars spring up around the city and there are countless happy hour specials, concerts, tent parties and events where you are encouraged to drink yourself silly.

But when you feel like death the next day, there's no place to go like the Calgary Stampede midway to find some grub to kick the hangover and put you back in the saddle for more rigorous partying.

Knowing the healing powers of gravy and cheese, breakfast poutine - which also comes topped with ham and scrambled eggs - may do the trick. For good measure top it off with a shot of pickle juice, which packs a powerful punch of salt and electrolytes.

Check out the gallery below to see some other hangover-quelling foods that can be found at this year's Stampede. Let us know if we missed any in the comments below.

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