07/10/2013 03:56 EDT

Flooded GO Train Passengers Make An Escape (VIDEO)

The Toronto GO Train caught in Monday's record-setting downpour and flood became a media spectacle.

Before hundreds of stuck passengers were rescued by Toronto Marine Unit officers, those onboard kept the rest of the world up to date with videos, tweets and photos of the flooded train, including a clip of a water snake that surprised passengers.

One video, uploaded to YouTube Wednesday, shows what happened before the officers arrived: a daring escape.

Two passengers make a run (or swim) for it, attempting to cross the high waters to the other side of the flooded street. Passengers on the train can be heard shouting, some excited and some worried.

"If they get to that part, they're gonna drop," says one woman.

One of the passengers goes back to the train after failing to get over the rail, but then tries again and makes it. Later, a third passenger swims out.

"Ladies and gentlemen, just another reminder that ... the safest place for us right now is to stand still," a customer service representative on the train can be heard announcing.

"Because of the high water, because of the flooding, it is a dangerous situation, so we have to stay right where we are."

After the representative finishes his announcement, a fourth passenger can be seen leaving the train.

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