07/10/2013 12:51 EDT

Johannes Stötter Body Paintings Are Unreal (PHOTOS)

Johannes Stotter

If you're scratching your head trying to figure out how many humans Johannes Stötter decided to cram into his "Frogs" photo, the answer is five.

The artist and musician based in Italy has created some of the most unique and life-like pieces of art we've ever seen. And yes, while some works like the ready-to-eat human melon heads creep us out, it's fair to say Stötter has owned his craft.

"I did my first body painting experiment in 2000. Five years earlier I had the idea to paint a human body but it took me until I was 23 to try it," he told The Daily Mail.

With a long list of awards and over 100 pieces of work to date, Stötter's most stunning pieces are created with the human body. On his site, he features several themes including animals, fruits and stunning photos of men and women blending in with beautiful landscapes. Most of his pictures are done by hiding humans within his paintings to fool the eye.

Paintings often take eight hours to complete and up to five months to plan.

Check out 11 of some of our favourite pieces from Stötter's collection. To see a full set, click here.

Johannes Stotter Incredible Artwork