07/10/2013 12:20 EDT | Updated 07/10/2013 12:36 EDT

Polar Bear Pushes M/S Expedition Cruise Ship In Norway (VIDEO)

When push comes to shove, polar bears will push back.

Guests aboard the M/S Expedition cruise ship caught a glimpse of a polar bear cub as the ship was passing through the Norwegian islands of Svalbard late last month, according to MSN Now. The island, located midway between Norway and the North Pole, is home to 3,000 polar bears, reports the Daily Mail.

Travellers watched as the cub approached the ship's bow, gave it a sniff and then tried to push against the ship as if to send it away. The cub then circled back and got on its hind legs.

Tourists regularly travel to the frigid archipelago to see the bears; though it's not often a bear sends sight-seers off by giving them the cold shoulder.

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