07/10/2013 10:18 EDT | Updated 07/10/2013 10:54 EDT

Toronto Hydro Power Outage: Power Restored For Thousands, But Many Still Waiting

The Weather Network/Twitter

Power has been restored to thousands in Toronto and the Greater Toronto Area after a wicked thunderstorm on Monday thrashed the city with a record downpour.

And while on Tuesday, Toronto Hydro tried to lift some weight off an already fragile system by carrying out rotating blackouts, more than 15,000 still remain without power as of Wednesday morning, according to a Toronto Hydro press release.

Toronto Hydro said on Twitter that Hydro One's repair crews were working on Manby station, one of two main supply points into Toronto's downtown.

The company added that while the planned outages had stopped midnight Wednesday, there may be a need for additional rolling blackouts.

“We were asked by Hydro One to conduct the rolling outages to alleviate some stress on the grid and as of right now we haven’t set a target as to whether we are going to do it again today,” Andrea Corkum, a Toronto Hydro spokesperson, told CP24.

Hydro One, on the other hand, said in a press release "there is limited need to continue with intermittent power outages," but the potential for more planned blackouts still exists as the system is yet to be stabilized.

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