07/11/2013 09:50 EDT | Updated 09/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Cyclist Says Montreal Police Went Too Far

silhouette of cyclists at...
silhouette of cyclists at...
Cyclist Chris Lloyd says he was just trying to help other commuters when Montreal police fined him $651 for obstructing justice yesterday morning.

After riding through a red light at the intersection of Duluth and Saint-Hubert, Lloyd received a $40 ticket from police trapping cyclists during rush hour that morning. He says he decided to stay on the corner and alert other commuters to the police presence.

"After I received a ticket, I realized I had some time; that I was early for work. So I thought I would spend a few minutes at the stop, at the red light, warning cyclists to not go through the red light," says Lloyd.

Lloyd said he was just trying to help fellow cyclists, but police didn't see it the same way and gave him a ticket for obstructing justice.

"I think just warning people, even if I was saying there police just on the other side of the lights, it's not interfering with their work because their work, the goal of their work, is not just giving tickets," says Lloyd.

Montreal police wouldn't comment on this individual case.

Criminal defense attorney David Sutton says this doens't fit his definition of obstructing police work.

"I think the police have come up with a very generous interpretation of the notion of obstruction under any piece of legislation. If a person were to alert a member [or] members of the public to a covert police operation and show how it interferes with that operation," says Sutton. "This good person was really just encouraging other cyclists to obey the law."

Though Lloyd says he will not contest the ticket for running the red light, he will fight the fine for obstructing police work.

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