07/11/2013 13:46 EDT | Updated 09/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Goat horns in at Regina golf course

A Regina golf course says it wouldn't kid about this: a goat has taken up residence and it appears to be sticking around.

The white, female goat first showed up on the 10th tee of the Murray Golf Course two weeks ago and has shown no sign moving on.

The goat isn't bothering anybody, spending much of its day sitting in the shade or eating grass, assistant pro Paul Schatz told CBC News.

"Overall, it's a friendly goat," he said. "She just kind of hangs out."

It's shy, however. Whenever anyone gets any closer than two metres, it scampers off.

The goat, dubbed Murray, looks healthy, although it's a bit on the lean side.

People at the course have put out a bucket of water and carrots, but it appears Murray prefers the rough.

If she's still around when the weather turns cool, the course will look at its options.

Another assistant pro at the course has a farm and might be able to take care of the animal, Schatz said.

No one knows where the goat came from. A year ago a different goat escaped from a nearby farm. It was captured and returned to the farm.

"This one, we have no idea," Schatz said.