07/11/2013 02:02 EDT | Updated 09/10/2013 05:12 EDT

Millions of mini-doughnuts, tonnes of manure at 'Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth'

CALGARY - The "Greatest Outdoor Show on Earth" isn't just a rodeo with bulls, broncs and belt buckles. While there are plenty of nods to western ways, the Calgary Stampede is also one of Alberta's premier tourist attractions, kicks off with a two-hour parade and offers a giant midway with heart-stopping rides and deep-fried delights. Here are some interesting numbers:

— 101. Number of Calgary Stampedes. The first was organized by Wild West performer Guy Weadick and livestock agent H.C. McMullen in 1912 as a cowboy championship. It has continued uninterrupted despite two world wars, a Depression and the recent flood.

— 13. Number of days officials had to pump out water, clean up debris and repair buildings after grounds were flooded this June.

— 1,409,371. All-time attendance record, set in 2012.

— $256 million. Amount of money the Stampede contributes to the Alberta economy every year.

— $2 million. Total prize money for rodeo events, the most for an outdoor rodeo. Chuckwagon winners share $1-million purse.

— 200,000. Number of pancakes served at community breakfasts during the Stampede.

— 2 million. Number of mini doughnuts consumed by visitors.

— 27. Number of tipis set up at the Indian Village.

— 850. Average number of horses in the parade.

— 2 tonnes. Manure left behind by animals on the parade route.

— 0. Number of times officials say it has rained on the parade.

— 4. Number of beer gardens on the grounds.

— 13. Food stands offering fries or deep-fried something.

— 20. Hot dog and sausage stands.

— 25. Sweets and treats kiosks.

— 3,000. Seasonal employees hired for the 10-day event.

— 2,000. Year-round volunteers.