07/12/2013 03:03 EDT

A Better Relationship: 13 Things That Will Make Your Partner Feel Special


Your partner is the most important person in your life -- but how often do you make them feel that way?

Surprising your significant other with concert tickets or spoiling them a day at the spa makes both of you feel good: You'll get the satisfaction of seeing that something you did made them happy, and they'll be overjoyed at your thoughtful or romantic gesture.

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1. Make them breakfast in bed

2. Surprise them with a just-because gift

3. Make them a playlist with songs that are meaningful to your relationship

4. Give them a handwritten love letter

5. Buy them tickets to see their favourite sports team, band or play, etc.

6. Do something small, but unexpected, around the house, such as cleaning the bathroom or taking out the trash, that will make their day a little easier

7. Ask them to tell you something about themselves that they've never told anybody else

8. Learn to do something that they're interested in; for example, take sailing lessons, join them for a yoga class or go to an art-house movie with them

9. Let them know that they have your full attention by putting away your smartphone, tablet or laptop when you're in conversation

10. Cook their favourite meal for dinner -- and do the clean-up!

11. Let them choose the movie

12. Tell them what you love most about them, out of the blue

13. Make a reservation at their favourite restaurant for your next date night, but don't tell them where you're going