07/12/2013 09:04 EDT

Helen Mirren Wears Stripper Heels To 'Red 2' Premiere (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

The Dame wore... stripper heels?

That's right: Dame Helen Mirren took to the "Red 2" red carpet premiere on Thursday in L.A. in her "classiest" hooker shoes and looked damn fine wearing them!

Doing her best Shauna Sand impression, the 67-year-old flaunted her stuff in the lucite heels, an elegant green Elie Saab with a keyhole cutout and a metallic gold clutch. 20-somethings, take note of this classy broad.

"The Queen" star was obviously in a frisky mood as she couldn't help but kiss her husband, director Taylor Hackford, on the red carpet.

So will we see our favourite movie royal play a stripper (with a heart of gold, natch) anytime soon? We wouldn't rule it out, as the action star has already posed nude for New York magazine.

Screenwriters, are you listening?

helen mirren

helen mirren

We heart Helen:

Helen Mirren