07/12/2013 01:53 EDT | Updated 07/12/2013 05:23 EDT

Jeju Loveland, South Korean Sex Theme Park, Really Is For Those 18+ (NSFW PHOTOS)

Flickr: whyyan

If the belief that "sex sells" holds any truth, then Jeju Loveland should have no problem selling tickets.

Jeju Loveland is South Korea's only sex theme park, but travellers expecting a raunchy good time akin to a trip to Amsterdam's Red Light District may be disappointed. See, the theme park moniker is a bit misleading since there aren't any rides (though there's pretty of riding going on, if you catch our drift) or naked clowns of the sort. If anything, it's more of a museum featuring over 140 statues all devoted to sex, according to Kotaku.

The concept was born back in 2002 when 20 art-school graduates from Hongik University in Seoul started making the sculptures and two years later, Jeju Loveland opened. The park's name comes from its location on Jeju Island, located about 450 kilometre south of Seoul.

The park isn't the island's major attraction but regularly attracts lusty travellers since it's a popular honeymoon destination, notes CNN. Lovers of natural beauty also flock to the island thanks to the mountain peaks, lava tubes, beaches and nine UNESCO Global Geoparks. April to June is also a prime time to children to come to the island for school trips, though we're pretty sure it's for other reasons and not Jeju Loveland.

The park is a 10-minutes drive from Jeju International Airport and an entire walking tour takes less than an hour to complete. Family's can leave the kids at the park's drop-off area. Just don't bring them anything back from the gift shop.

To see some of the NSFW statues and attractions of Jeju Loveland, check out the gallery below.

NSFW Jeju Land Photos