07/13/2013 03:02 EDT

Edmonton Ford F250 And F350 Trucks Being Stolen At High Rate


EDMONTON - Police in Edmonton are pleading with owners of older model Ford pickup trucks to take precautions to prevent theft.

Acting Insp. Malcolm Allan says older model Ford F250s and F350s are being stolen at a rate of about one per day in the Edmonton area.

It's who's stealing them and what they're doing with them that have police urging owners to use a steering wheel locking device.

Allan says the vehicles are being stolen by the career criminal, often times addicted to methamphetamine and sometimes cocaine, heavily involved in property crime and personal robberies.

He says they aren't in the best frame of mind when they steal the trucks and have led police on dangerous chases.

Police also find loaded weapons, and drugs when they make arrests.

The problem is with older model vehicles. He says they worked with Ford dealers and since 2008 changes were made making the vehicles more difficult to steal.

"Essentially it's a problem they have remedied in 2008 models and up, although we've seen some of them stolen as well, but the number after 2008 drops off dramatically,'' Allan said.

Other provinces don't experience Ford thefts on a level comparable to Alberta.

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