07/15/2013 10:59 EDT

David Beckham Multiplies For Sky Sports Premier League Ad

The folks over at Sky Sports know a good thing when they see it.

That's why they've included not one, not two, but six David Beckhams in their latest advertisement promoting the Premier League.

Half-a-dozen Beckhams are all shown wearing different -- but equally stylish -- outfits as they go about what we can only imagine is a typical day in the life of the 38-year-old soccer star.

The commercial opens with Becks number one showing off his tattoos in a white tank top while he checks soccer stats on his smartphone. Becks number two drinks espresso as he watches soccer highlights on his laptop; still a third Beckham steps out of his luxurious London home in a very dapper suit, checking out the latest offerings from the sports-oriented channel on a tablet device.

Finally, in a moment of Beckham-overload glory, all the Beckhams convene and lounge around together on two couches, watching soccer.

This is the first commerical for Sky Sports that Victoria Beckham's husband has starred in since announcing his retirement from the soccer world. And if this advert is any indication of what's to come, we bet we'll be seeing a lot of the hunky footballer in the future.

Check out the ad for yourself above, and tell us: which is your favourite Beckham?

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