07/15/2013 03:41 EDT | Updated 07/16/2013 07:23 EDT

No Hotel Internet Connections A Source Of Headache For Travellers: Survey


A missed connection can be stressful but it's not the biggest headaches for some travellers. Rather, it's the lack of particular connection that's got some business travellers frustrated.

In an era of in-flight Wi-Fi, smartphone travel apps and near constant wireless connection, no hotel internet connectivity is the biggest source of business traveller's angst according to InterContinental Hotels Group's survey of 10,000 business travellers across the globe.

But this source of stress doesn't stem from a lack of Instagrams or failed Facebook status updates. Instead, an internet connection is what helps business travellers stay connected with their family and makes them feel at home, according to Jenni Trent Hughes a relationship expert.

"Just hearing a voice on a telephone is no longer sufficient for the 21st century traveller, we need the comfort of being able to see loved ones too. We want to see our children's smiles when we're reading them their bedtime story over Skype; be able to look our partner in the eye when we tell them how much we miss them, as well as keep up with all our social media obligations and emails," said Hughes in a release.

Forty per cent of travellers said a lack of hotel internet connectivity was their biggest source of travel stress compared to 26 per cent who found difficult transport links a bigger issue. Nearly one third of the respondents said that logging onto the internet was the first thing they did once they checked into their room in order to feel at home.

The results also reaffirms the findings of a 2012 study that suggests that wireless internet is no longer a nice bonus, it's an absolute must.

The study ranked free Wi-Fi as traveller's most preferred hotel amenity. Last year's poll found that free wireless would make or break a hotel booking for 34 per cent of respondents.

But are hotels doing travellers a greater disservice by providing them with an internet connection? According to the Globe and Mail's Elizabeth Renzetti, the answer is yes.

"The vacation is dying. In its place we have the workcation, which, as its name suggests, is an unhealthier hybrid than the cronut, and much less satisfying", writes Renzetti. She goes on to point out that 75 per cent of professionals take their work with them while on vacation and that the failure to distance work and leisure is not only bad for mental health but "isn't a way for humans to live."

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