07/15/2013 10:32 EDT | Updated 09/14/2013 05:12 EDT

Scooter parking solutions sought in motion

For years, scooter users in Toronto have felt free to park at the edge of city sidewalks beside bicycles.

But this spring, police began ticketing "limited speed motorcycles" parked on sidewalks and boulevards, stirring anger among scooter users.

Parking scooters and motorcycles on sidewalks is illegal, but police only began actively enforcing the bylaw this spring, catching many scooter owners by surprise.

A police news release announcing the crackdown said scooters on sidewalks impede pedestrians and limit sightlines for drivers.

Coun. Josh Matlow will bring a motion to city council on Tuesday, calling on staff to look at ways to accommodate sidewalk parking for scooters while keeping the way clear for pedestrians.

Current bylaw 'doesn't make sense to me'

Scooters are allowed to park in street spaces for free. Many scooter owners, however, are reluctant to use those spaces for fear their vehicles will be damaged by cars.

"It just seems silly that … one scooter is taking up a parking spot where the city could be bringing in revenue," Matlow said. "It doesn't make any sense to me."

Matlow says the city should encourage scooter use since they are more environmentally friendly than cars and take up less space on crowded streets.

"We want as many incentives as possible to have people ride vehicles that use less fuel, are more efficient and take up less road allowance," he said.

Until the city finds a place for scooters, riders who park them on the sidewalk will be at risk of getting a ticket.

Matt Falknor was recently dinged $50 for parking on the sidewalk and says he doesn’t see the sense in enforcing the bylaw.

He said he doesn't understand why he should be ticketed "if a scooter and moped is on a sidewalk and it's not obstructing anyone."