07/16/2013 11:26 EDT | Updated 07/16/2013 11:27 EDT

Helena Bonham Carter As Elizabeth Taylor: How Does She Compare To Lindsay Lohan? (PHOTOS)

Forget Lindsay Lohan -- promo images of Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor in the made-for-TV film,"Burton and Taylor" have us doing a double take.

The upcoming BBC4 drama has Bonham Carter co-staring with Dominic West (who plays Richard Burton) for a television biopic that is reminiscent of the Lifetime TV movie, "Liz & Dick," released in November 2012 and starring Lohan.

"Liz & Dick," however, was poorly-received by film critics and audiences alike, with its troubled star receiving some of the harshest reviews for her over-the-top, campy portrayal of Taylor. So the bar has been set pretty low for Bonham Carter, who always dazzles with her superb acting talent and eccentric charm.

The 47-year-old actress recently joked to RadioTimes that her chemistry West was so convincing that she kept trying to "lure him back" into her bed.

In terms of physical likeness, however, Bonham Carter doesn't believe there are any similarities between herself and the silver screen legend.

"I don't look like her at all," she told Vogue U.K. "But I had to forget about what she looked like and think about the woman. She was phenomenal. What was inside was extraordinary -- which is impressive considering how beautiful she was on the outside."

We think Bonham Carter is being too modest -- these promo shots are pretty convincing.

Scroll through the gallery of Helena Bonham Carter as Elizabeth Taylor below and tell us: does she make a better Liz than Lindsay?

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