07/16/2013 09:13 EDT | Updated 09/15/2013 05:12 EDT

PMO Asked Staff To Supply 'Enemy' Lists To New Ministers


Prime Minister Stephen Harper's office asked staff to include a list of "friend and enemy stakeholders" in their transition binders for new ministers appointed in Monday's cabinet shuffle, according to a leaked email.

The email, obtained by several media outlets, was sent July 4 by Erica Furtado in the Prime Minister's Office and shows a checklist for what should be in the transition binders.

"Who to avoid: bureaucrats that can't take no (or yes) for an answer" is on the list, as well as "Who to engage or avoid: friend and enemy stakeholders."

The request for a list of problematic bureaucrats was subsequently dropped according to the email, posted online by Global News.

Global reported that when some staff balked at the idea of coming up with the blacklists, they were cut off from further communications about the matter.

Transition books and briefing notes for new ministers would normally include names of key people on issues, but dividing them into "friend and enemy" categories isn't common.

The other items on the checklist were:

- What to say in question period.

- What to expect soon, hot issues, legal actions, complaints.

- What to expect later, longer-term forecast.

- What to do, status of mandate items, off-mandate items.

- What to avoid: pet bureaucratic projects.

- What to attend: upcoming events, meetings and FPTs.

- Who to appoint: outstanding GiCs and hot prospects.

- Private member's bills, lines and caucus packages.

FPTs refers to federal/provincial/territorial meetings and GiCs refers to Governor in Council appointments, people who sit on agencies, boards and commissions.

CBC News asked the Prime Minister's Office for comment Tuesday morning but hasn't yet received one.

Harper appointed eight new MPs to his cabinet on Monday and shifted multiple ministers around to new portfolios.

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