07/17/2013 05:29 EDT | Updated 09/16/2013 05:12 EDT

Water Park Safety Tips: How To Avoid Injuries At The Pool This Summer

When you're slipping and sliding, stay safe. Here are some tips on how to feel comfortable and have fun at water parks and pools this summer.

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1. Resist the urge to start with the biggest slide first — start small and build up your comfort level.

2. Before trying a big slide, do a few somersaults under water. This can help you prepare for any disorientation you might feel while tumbling out of the bottom of the slide.

3. Follow all the instructions from attendants and lifeguards, including height restrictions and directions on when you can begin your slide.

4. If you are bringing a child on a slide, consider their swimming strength and comfort level. Just because they are tall enough for a ride, does not mean they will enjoy it or be strong enough to swim away from the mouth of the slide quickly. If in doubt, get the child to wear a life-jacket, or try a smaller slide.

5. If you feel disoriented when emerging from a slide, don't panic — let the current push you to the top.

6. If a child is nervous, go down the slide first so you can watch for them at the bottom.

7. In Ontario, water slides must have an attendant at the top and a lifeguard at the bottom in the pool. If either person is missing or you feel unsafe, tell someone.

Source: The Lifesaving Society