07/18/2013 05:34 EDT

Eskimos Coach Kavis Reed Angry, Controls Rage, After Edmonton Loses To BC Lions (VIDEO)

It's the kind of self-restraint and personal control not often seen in the football world.

But after his Edmonton Eskimos were heavily penalized against the BC Lions last weekend, it took all of coach Kavis Reed's composure not to break down in tears of rage.

A video making its rounds on YouTube shows Reed at his emotional edge, seemingly a hair's breadth away from either breaking down in tears or throwing the nearest human body through the farthest available wall.

"There has to be consequences now, there has to be consequences now. Just... there has to be consequences. Enough with talking about it, there has to be consequences," he sputters on the video.

"Rules won't allow us to fine 'em but there has to be a message sent."

Consequences for the undisciplined is a theme that reappears throughout out the video, as he chokes and constantly takes moments to breathe slowly and deeply, and catches himself before this temper really gets away from him.

The 17-13 loss to their cross-border rivals didn't just rattle Reed, as unique measures were taken to make sure the Eskimos won't collapse during their rematch against the Lions this weekend.

According to The Edmonton Sun, speakers were brought in to blare crowd noises into Common Wealth Stadium for the Eskimos practice.

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