07/18/2013 07:30 EDT | Updated 09/17/2013 05:12 EDT

Lethbridge Storm: Furious Flash Storm Tips Trucks, Damages Buildings (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

LETHBRIDGE, Alta. - Streets were flooded, trees ripped out and some roofs damaged when a fast-moving storm struck the southern Alberta city of Lethbridge.

The small but powerful storm cell rolled through the south side of the city early Wednesday evening.

Environment Canada reported a wind speed of more than 130 kilometres an hour around the Lethbridge airport.

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A semi-trailer and two holiday trailers were tipped, but there's no word of any injuries.

The evening sun returned about 45 minutes after the storm's arrival.

Some people reported seeing swirling clouds with the system, but no tornado was reported by weather officials.

Lethbridge Flash Storm