07/19/2013 09:52 EDT | Updated 07/20/2013 01:40 EDT

Grammar Mistake On Quebec Diplomas Sinks 130,000 Grads

If Quebec's education ministry wanted to send a message to the province's young graduates, it might be this:

Mind your Ps and Qs -- or else it could cost you.

According to QMI Agency, the ministry mailed out some 130,000 diplomas last month.

And they all had one pretty obvious grammatical blunder.

The trouble? French verbs must agree with the subject -- be it masculine or feminine. The wording in these diplomas makes both Education Minister Marie Malavoy and Deputy Minister Bernard Matte women.

Matte, appointed to the position nine months earlier, happens to be a man.

The error, according to CJAD 800, could cost the Quebec government nearly a quarter of a million dollars if new diplomas have to be mailed out. To avoid the spending , the ministry is urging grads to submit a request if they want their diplomas to make grammatical sense.

"It is so simple. We learn that in high school," recent graduate Andréanne Graton told QMI.

This isn't first less-than-literate diploma this summer. In June, Radford University published diplomas that misspelled "Virginia." Radford printed "Virgina" instead. Oops.

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