07/21/2013 02:58 EDT | Updated 07/21/2013 02:59 EDT

Body Found In Bow River; Woman Rescued In Separate Incident

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A man's body was pulled from the Bow River after police responded to a report of it being spotted near Bowness on Saturday.

"A search was conducted and the body of an adult male was discovered near the bank of the river," said Calgary Police in a statement.

An autopsy is scheduled for Tuesday to determine cause of death.

The Calgary Fire Department also rescued a woman from the river on Saturday, after her raft overturned.

She was clinging to a partially submerged tree, which a rescuer climbed onto. The rescuer secured the woman before they were pulled ashore by the Aquatics Rescue Team.

The woman was part of a group of four floating down the river in two separate rafts that were tethered together, when one struck the tree and flipped over, forcing two women into the water.

One woman swam to the shore, while the other clinged to the tree. The second raft stayed upright and the two men onboard were safe.

The woman later said that she was so cold she could barely hang on and that if it wasn't for her personal flotation device she may have drowned.

The Calgary Fire Department reminded Calgarians to exercise caution on the river, which was opened last week after a ban during the June flood.

There have been significant changes to the stability of riverbanks, increasing the danger of being on or near them after the flooding, it said, and advised users to not tie or tether boats together and to always wear a life jacket.

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