07/22/2013 06:40 EDT | Updated 07/22/2013 07:35 EDT

5 Minutes To A Healthier Meal

Directly above view of cutting board with raw vegetables around it

Making healthy meals can be time-consuming. But there are some quick fixes when it comes to making dinner just a little bit healthier. And don’t worry -- there’s no expensive equipment or complicated chef techniques required.

So if you’ve got five minutes, you’ve got time for these easy healthy eating tricks. We’ve compiled a list of seven simple steps that will help you make your meal healthier in no time. Your waistline will thank us.

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1. Trim the fat -- literally. The next time you’re preparing meat, be sure to cut the fat off of it before cooking, suggests Runners’ World. Another great way to reduce the calorie count is by making smart swaps like using ground turkey instead of beef when you’re making burgers.

2. Sauté with vegetable broth instead of oil. This easy swap can save you significant calories while adding a unique flavour to your veggies. Woman’s Day advises using a couple of tablespoons of low-sodium vegetable broth for tasty results.

3. Skim your soup. Adding one simple step to your soup-making process can save you a lot of fat and calories. The National Heart, Lung and Blood Institute recommends letting your soup cool before serving. When the fat floats to the top, you can skim it off, then reheat and serve. The same trick works for gravies.

4. Use nonstick cookware. If you want to trim your calorie count even more, ditch the oil altogether by using nonstick cookware, says the Mayo Clinic.

5. Blend your vegetables. If you’re making a creamy sauce or soup, blended vegetables can be a healthy (and tasty) stand-in for heavy creams, according to Health magazine. They’re rich in flavour, high in nutrients, and low in fat and calories. Handheld immersion blenders will be your new best friend.

6. Ramp up the flavour. Low-fat doesn’t have to mean bland and tasteless. Eating Well suggests adding bold flavours like citrus, fresh herbs, and spices to your favorite recipes to wow your taste buds without adding calories.