07/22/2013 03:06 EDT | Updated 07/22/2013 05:11 EDT

U.S. Olympic Team Tweets Love Of Nickelback


Canadian rock band Nickelback is arguably one of Canada's biggest musical exports. But the Alberta rockers found out it had a surprising high-profile fan on Monday when the U.S. Olympic Team twitter account professed its appreciation for Chad and crew.

"i love nickleback," the account tweeted on Monday morning. The tweet was quickly deleted but independent journalist Matthew Keys spotted the tweet and captured it.

The team, who was likely hacked, followed it up with this apology.

Of course, it's treasonous for the U.S. Olympic Team to profess their love for a Canadian rock group. To maintain the proper level of patriotism the U.S. Olympic Team should love Kid Rock or Creed; something with the right combination of chunky guitar, lobotomizing lyrics and hair products, but American.

We try to be helpful here at HuffPost Canada so we suggest that the U.S. Olympic Team just blare Nickelback more often. Maybe before their athletes' training sessions or on the night before big races. We're sure it's just the kind of thing that'll motivate all those amazing U.S. Olympians.

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