07/22/2013 05:03 EDT

Paulina Gretzky's Instagram Pics Reveal Softer Side To Bikini Babe (PHOTOS)

Paulina Gretzky/Instagram

Paulina Gretzky doesn't just spend her time posting pics of herself on Instagram wearing impossibly short shorts, non-existant bikinis and, um, more tiny bikinis.

Nope, the Great One's daughter also has a soft, cuddly side that she doesn't show her legions of admirers that often.

That has changed.

In the past week, the two-time Flare covergirl has posted photos not of her perky derriere but of an adorable little boy (possibly her brother) who Paulina is photographed hugging and playing Bingo with. (And before you ask, yes, Paulina was fully clothed.)

Not only is Dustin Johnson's girlfriend a proud sister (the Britney Spears fan posted a cute pic of younger sis Emma) but she's also a devoted daughter who sent a sweet message to parents Wayne Gretzky and Janet Jones on their 25th wedding anniversary. (The luxury-lover is also an unabashed Daddy's Girl.)

So if you want to get to know a different, more covered-up Paulina Gretzky, click through the slideshow below:

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