07/23/2013 05:55 EDT | Updated 09/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Bureaucratees Prove Ottawa Is Capable Of Being Funny (PHOTOS)


Bureaucrats are boring and Ottawa is anything but funny.

But sometimes truly brilliant art emerges from the pit of public service drudgery (See Sh*t Bureaucrats Say). Bureaucratees is one of those projects, an example of transcendence from tedium.

The T-shirt company is the brainchild of bureaucrat Nick Charney and creative-type Chris Pointer.

The shirts, which sell for $30 apiece, present an irreverent take on life in official Ottawa.

Department of Redundancy Department, Carpe Your Per Diem and Club Fed are just some of the hilarious taglines on the company's wares.

The website descriptions of the clothing are hilarious too. Take the blurb for the Golden Handcuffs shirt:

"Nothing conveys the Hotel California-esque nature of the bureaucracy more than the image of the golden handcuffs. Good as Gold is a sly tip of the hat at the fact that while many will check out few will actually leave. Thumbs up to bondage!"

Charney told the Ottawa Citizen the shirts aren't meant to mock civil servants and Pointer stresses that bureaucrats are actually the company's target market.

"They don’t get the opportunity to have fun very often with who they are and what they represent," Pointer told the Citizen.

As for their favourite shirt, Charney seems partial to Draft Email.

“The design was inspired by countless hours of listening to Daft Punk while grinding through the work day,” Charney told APT613. “The music is so full of energy that it’s a nice counter balance to some of what the work office types have to do, like drafting email. We thought the mash-up worked perfectly, loved the irony, and wanted to make sure that the design was as subtle as possible.”

You can check out all the hilarious designs in the slideshow below.

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