07/23/2013 07:23 EDT | Updated 09/22/2013 05:12 EDT

High River flood victims prepare for move into temporary homes

Workers are busy putting the final touches on a temporary camp for High River flood victims who were forced from their homes last month.

The first hundred people are scheduled to move into the site just north of the southern Alberta town tomorrow.

The camp can eventually hold up to 1,200 people whose homes were so badly damaged by raging floodwaters they were not allowed to return.

"So the first 90 days nobody will be charged any rent here, and then further to that we'll make an assessment in terms of what government programs that possibly cover some of the costs as we move forward, but that is yet to be determined," said Rick Fraser, the regional recovery minister for the area.

The facility is costing the province $150 per person per day. Much of the 20-acre site is still mud and dirt, but it's full of heavy machinery and workers.

There will be 215 trailers making up the neighbourhood, including family homes and dorm-style housing for single people.

There will also be three restaurants, four recreation halls, four parks, a soccer field and a dog park. Some buildings also have fitness facilities, pool tables and fire places.

Fraser says workers have done their best to make the trailers feel like home.

Many of the evacuees have been staying with family, while others are in residences at university campuses in Calgary and Lethbridge.

Fraser says it's important they will soon be closer to their homes. High River is located roughly 45 minutes south of Calgary.