07/23/2013 03:28 EDT | Updated 09/22/2013 05:12 EDT

'Compulsive Voyeur' Continued To Photograph Aspiring Models

Photographer with camera focus in camera lens, photoshop film grain effect added for a vintage look.

Crown prosecutors are seeking a jail sentence for a "compulsive voyeur" who continued to photograph women after he was caught recording them with hidden cameras as they changed in the bedroom of his home studio.

Matthew Power, 37, was a Vancouver film worker and amateur photographer when he first came to the attention of the authorities.

He used a website to invite women into his Commercial Drive apartment for photo shoots, and then secretly recorded them as they changed clothing in his bedroom.

The court heard Power never disseminated the photographs, but used them for his own sexual pleasure. He was eventually caught when an aspiring model became suspicious and tipped off police.

He was arrested in November 2011, and pleaded guilty to 14 charges of secretly recording/observing nudity. As part of his bail conditions he was ordered not to take photos of any woman outside his immediate family.

On Tuesday morning, Crown prosecutor Daniel Prium said they will be seeking a six-month jail sentence for Powers after learning he violated bail conditions by continuing to photograph at least one aspiring model.

While there was no evidence he continued to use a hidden camera, the Crown says the breach, along with a psychological report that brands Power a compulsive voyeur of moderate risk to reoffend, means he should spend six months in jail.

He is expected to be sentenced next week.