07/23/2013 21:35 EDT | Updated 09/22/2013 05:12 EDT

Parents warned about hiking with kids

North Shore Search and Rescue is urging parents to rethink hiking with young children after a young boy fell 12 metres down an embankment on the Baden Powell trail.

The organization says too many families are ill-prepared when taking to the trails, with many hikers bringing very young children into steep and challenging terrain.

The boy in question fell on a hiking trail on Grouse Mountain – not the infamous Grouse Grind – but was not seriously hurt.

His fall has prompted Tim Jones of North Shore Search and Rescue to send a message to parents.

"Anyone taking kids out on the trail systems here really has to be prepared for where they're going and modify their expectations – carry more water," he said.

"They can't get themselves into a situation that they get so far into a trail system, they end up having to carry the kid out. They may not be able to and that gets us involved."

Jones said he's seen large families caught on the trails, seriously dehydrated, whose need for help ties up rescuers for hours.

Mother and hiker Connie McCarthy said she is prepared, but sees lots who aren't.

"When I did it last year, we saw kids in flip flops and I don't think that's too great for them," she said.

"Just basically hydration, and make sure they have a good meal. Staying together staying on the trail. We've got bandaids."

North Shore Search and Rescue say the key is to know the length of the trail and how hard it is – and slow down with kids.