07/23/2013 05:42 EDT

'Nothing To Prove': The Doubleclicks Touching Tribute To Geek Girls (VIDEO)

Portland, Oregon sister duo the Doubleclicks have come up with a possible anthem for geek girls everywhere with their video 'Nothing To Prove'

The video tackles the very annoying and real problem of bullying and shaming that happens to girls and women in nerdy pursuits.

"This whole “fake geek girl” situation, and the wider “geek elitism” situation, has been a stupid thing stuck in our craw for a while now," write Angela and Aubrey Webber on their site.

The video features dozens of geek girls holding up signs about bullying and nerd culture. And a few notable nerds pop up (Wil Wheaton, Adam Savage) in the video

The Webbers came up with the video with their friend Josh A. Cagan. You can submit your own sign on the band's Tumblr page.

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