07/24/2013 12:11 EDT

Beyoncé's Hair Gets Caught In Fan While Doing A Good Deed At Montreal Concert (VIDEO)

Beyoncé's hair got caught in a fan at her Montreal show on Monday because she was doing a good deed.

While singing 'Halo' on the Montreal stop of her Mrs. Carter Show World Tour, her long blonde weave got caught in one of the wind fans on the stage. Although the fan could have caused her serious injury, she kept on singing as her bodyguard tried to free her.

Beyoncé was good-natured about the mishap. Unhurt, she shared a fan's Instagram video of her tangled hair on her account and even wrote some alternate lyrics to 'Halo': "I felt like my hair was yankiiiiin- from the fan that's always hatiiin'."

Reportedly, however, the reason the incident occurred in the first place was because of another fan, a little girl.

US Weekly reports from an "insider" that "Bey's hair got caught in the fan because she went downstage to an area she normally doesn't go for a fan. There was a girl in the front who was holding up a sign with a bucket list on it of all the things she wanted to do with her life. It was things like 'graduate from college' and all the boxes were checked except the last one, which was 'Sing With Beyonce!'"

The Us Weekly source added that "Beyonce was so moved she went down into the pit to sing 'Halo' with the girl to give her her final wish. She wasn't even thinking of the fan -- she was focused on the girl she was trying to do something nice for and it was unprompted. It really came from a good place."

Here are some more reasons Queen Bey is amazing.

Check out the video of Beyoncé's hairy situation and her silly 'Halo' remix below.

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