07/24/2013 01:06 EDT | Updated 07/25/2013 12:44 EDT

Girl Stuck In Window Bars At Chinese Apartment Building Rescued (VIDEO)

A girl in central China's Hubei province reportedly managed to get her head stuck between window bars on the 24th floor of a high-rise.

"I was in my study when I heard a child cry," a neighbour told the Sydney Morning Herald.

Onlookers gawked in horror as the girl dangled precipitously, some 70 metres from the ground, while firefighters worked to free her.

Check out the entire harrowing rescue below:

The girl, who had been locked at home alone, climbed out of the sitting room window "for fun," Reuters reports.

Strangely, getting yourself stuck in windows and walls appears to happen more often than one would think in China.

In April, a Chinese girl had to be chiseled out of a wall that she had managed to ensconce her head in.

In June, rescue teams were called when an eight-year-old girl got her head stuck between security bars on a sixth-floor window in China's Wenzhou city.

And, last month, a women in the eastern Chinese province of Anhui had to be rescued after getting stuck between two narrow walls. The wailing woman ended up staying there for seven hours because locals mistook her for a ghost.

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