07/24/2013 12:44 EDT

Joel Matlin, Fired AlarmForce CEO, 'Shocked' At Dismissal And Wants His Job Back


The guy from those catchy AlarmForce commercials isn’t just a spokesman. Joel Matlin is the company’s CEO — or was, until he was fired Tuesday. And now he wants to get his job back.

It’s not something I anticipated at all, quite frankly. I’m as shocked as everyone else is,” he said of his dismissal. “If I can get the shareholders’ approval I expect to be back, obviously with a new board and a new mandate to grow the company.”

AlarmForce announced it fired Matlin, who appears in the company’s catchy commercials, Tuesday. The shakeup comes after a strategic review of the Toronto-based home security company, it said in a press release.

The review included the potential sale of the company, and Acumen Capital Analyst Brian Pow said Matlin’s departure may have had something to do with AlarmForce’s failure to find a buyer.

Matlin, however, says the reason for his dismissal is related to a conflict between him and chief financial officer Anthony Pizzonia.

Pizzonia will fill in for Matlin until a permanent replacement can be found.

Matlin holds a nearly eight per cent stake in AlarmForce, according to Thomson Reuters. He will continue to serve the company as a director.

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