07/24/2013 03:06 EDT | Updated 07/24/2013 03:09 EDT

See Your Folks Tells Readers To See Their Parents Before They Die

Go see your parents -- you only have a limited number of visits before they die.

That's the morbid, yet heartwarming message the creators of 'See Your Folks' want to send.

The site will helpfully tell you, after you plug in some details about where your parents live and how old they are, how many times you'll see them before they pass away. The site factors in your parent's details and compares them to life expectancy data used by the World Health Organization, notes Slate.

Site co-creator Luke Tipping told HuffPost the idea came to him after friends persuaded him to stay home and party instead of going to visit his parents.

"[I] did a simple equation in [my] head. The number [I] got back wasn't big enough," he wrote.

This editor, whose parents live on the other side of Canada, agrees.

Your dad's repetitive jokes don't seem so bad when you realize you'll only experience them a limited number of times. So stop putting off that short car trip and go visit your parents.

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