07/25/2013 12:05 EDT

Celebrities With Grey Hair: Is Silver Hair The Latest Trend?

Grey hair used to be an undesirable sign of getting older, but now it seems silver tresses are actually a hot new hair trend.

In Hollywood, there have never been so many so-called "silver foxes" on the prowl, from George Clooney (who's been salt-and-pepper for as long as we can remember) to Hugh Grant, who debuted his natural hair at a literacy event in London yesterday.

And while the fellas have been embracing their greys for some time now, women are now too going au naturel with their locks. When she's not dyeing her hair pink, 67-year-old Helen Mirren breaks boundaries with her flawlessly snowy pixie cut; same goes for naturally-grey Judi Dench, who's had her trademark hair for many years now. And who could forget Meryl Streep's icy bob in "The Devil Wears Prada"?

Even young celebrities who aren't even close to naturally going grey are flocking to salons to get the look. Rihanna, 25, famously dyed her raven locks dark slate earlier this month, proclaiming "gray is the new black" to her legions of Twitter fans.

Bad gal Ri Ri wasn't the first one, either. Spunky Kelly Osbourne arguably kicked off the grey hair craze when she dyed her locks in 2011, shocking fans at the time (she keeps things fresh by adding lilac highlights).

Yet a grey-hair stigma still remains.

HuffPost blogger Susan Krauss sounded off on the hair debate, arguing that ageism in the workplace is often to blame for women refusing to keep their natural hair colour. (No such ageism seems to exist for grey-haired men in the workplace.)

Grey hair may have different connotations for a young person, who is going grey for fashion (like Rihanna and Osbourne), than for an older person choosing to flaunt their natural locks. Hence TV star Giuliana Rancic's apparent horror at the discovery of wayward grey hair on the latest episode of her new show, Giuliana & Bill.

"No I don't! Shut the hell up!" she responds when her hairstylist tells the 38-year-old she has greys.

What do you think? Is grey the new black or just a passing fad?

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