07/25/2013 07:00 EDT | Updated 09/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Nalcor vice president to take questions on Muskrat Falls project challenges

ST. JOHN'S, - The vice president of Newfoundland and Labrador's crown-owned utility is making himself available Friday for reporters' questions on the Muskrat Falls hydro project.

Karen O'Neill, a spokeswoman for Nalcor, says Gilbert Bennett can address questions on a Hydro-Quebec legal challenge on the schedule of electricity deliveries the Quebec utility receives from the Churchill Falls generating station beginning in 2016.

Hydro-Quebec has argued it believes it should continue to receive power from the 1970s facility on a schedule of its choosing.

Nalcor is arguing it should be able to manage water flows through the facility so it can operate Churchill Falls in tandem with the proposed $7.7 billion Muskrat Falls project.

O'Neill says Bennett will also be able to answer questions about Hydro-Quebec's assertion that its lawsuit isn't about the Muskrat Falls.

Some critics of the Muskrat Falls development say construction should stop until the legal questions are settled.

An affidavit filed last winter by Nalcor in response to a separate constitutional challenge of Muskrat Falls says work at the site near Happy Valley-Goose Bay costs about $500,000 per day.

The project is scheduled to generate power by 2017.