07/25/2013 05:42 EDT | Updated 09/24/2013 05:12 EDT

Whistleblowers silent: no one comes forward to Saskatchewan commissioner

REGINA - Whistleblowers haven't been making much noise since a public disclosure commissioner was appointed in Saskatchewan.

The commissioner's first annual report says she dealt with 15 cases in 2012, but none showed any wrongdoing inside government organizations.

Last year was the first full year of operation since the government passed the Public Interest Disclosure Act in 2011.

Acting commissioner Janet Mirwaldt says the first year has been more about educating government employees about the disclosure office.

Mirwaldt says people in the public service need to know where to turn when they become aware of a potential wrongdoing.

The office says it will keep working to let government employees know what to watch out for and what needs to be reported.