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Indie88 Executes Rickroll For The Ages

Toronto Radio station Indie88 is executing what very well may be the greatest Rickroll of all time.

For the uninitiated, Rickrolling is the practice of tricking someone into listening to Rick Astley's legendary 1987 hit "Never Gonna Give You Up," a song widely regarded to be the greatest piece of music ever recorded. The debate on the video is over. It is simply the best.

Those savvy in the way of the intraweb have for many years sent disguised links to the video, using what kids today call a "meme."

Indie88, a new station for independent music, doesn't officially launch until Wednesday, but already has control of its frequency. It has been using that bandwidth to play "Never Gonna Give You Up." On repeat. All day.

You can listen to the livestream on the web, which is racking up plenty of bemused comments from fans of Astley's signature brand of arm-swinging soul.

Indie88 is taking over the 88.1 frequency from Ryerson University's CKLN, which was forced off the air for violating its licence, according to The station had faced financial issues and internal battles that led to programming problems, such as airing a loop of reruns for months during a lockout in 2009.

There were 22 applications to the CRTC for the licence and the pitch for a station catering to independent Canadian artists won out, according to the Toronto Star.

That means it's likely that after Wednesday Rick Astley will, unfortunately, disappear from 88.1, replaced by artists such as Born Ruffians, Purity Ring, Feist, Arcade Fire and Metric.

But don't worry Rick, we're never gonna give you up.

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