07/26/2013 01:00 EDT | Updated 07/26/2013 01:09 EDT

Joni Mitchell's Strange Quotes

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US singer Joni Mitchell photographed recording at home in 1989. (Photo by Anthony Cake/Photoshot/Getty Images)

Legendary Canadian artist Joni Mitchell made headlines this week with some outspoken comments about Saskatoon, a place that heavily influenced her songwriting.

In an interview with The StarPhoenix, the 69-year-old said she wants the city — which she says has attempted and failed to honour her with memorials several times — to give back her personal items, things like scrapbooks and dresses, held in storage by a family friend.

"All I want is my stuff back. I just want my stuff back. I have place to store it. It won't be of any use to Saskatoon," she said.

Mitchell then described Saskatoon as an "extremely bigoted community," commenting on how the city's attempt to build a museum honouring her fell apart.

"I feel like they shot themselves in the foot ... Saskatoon has always been an extremely bigoted community. It's like the deep south, and the museum was one thing I thought would be beneficial for people," she said.

"People don't get me there. They don't get my ideas. They just look at me like I'm famous."

Many were puzzled by the comments, but Mitchell's big yellow taxi of strange sayings doesn't stop there. In a National Post column, Joe O'Connor writes how the singer-songwriter — with her commentary on Saskatoon, Bob Dylan, feminism and American culture — is becoming "exactly what this country needs: a cranky, chain-smoking, female version of Don Cherry."

So what else has Joni Mitchell said? Check out some of the singer's most, well, interesting quotes in the slideshow below. But remember to keep in mind that while she may have said some strange things over the years, she also made this.

Strange Things Joni Mitchell Has Said