07/26/2013 10:53 EDT | Updated 07/27/2013 12:46 EDT

Justin Bieber Photographed Spitting From Hazelton Hotel Balcony In Toronto

Hey Justin Bieber: say it, don't spray it.

The 19-year-old pop star, was photographed spitting from his hotel room balcony Thursday according to pictures obtained by gossip site TMZ. As the site points out, no one's certain of the spitcifics — sorry, specifics — of Bieber's saliva bomb, leaving where it landed, and who or what it hit a mystery.

The Canadian singer is currently in Toronto as part of his Believe tour which stopped for two nights at the Air Canada Centre, notes Global News. He was staying at the Hazelton Hotel when the incident took place. Bieber's Instagram page shows photos and video of him and his friends on top of the balcony while dozens of young fans gather on the street to catch a look at the London, Ont. native.

Bieber's photos show him in the same clothes as the pictures posted by TMZ, notes the Daily Mail. And like the hordes of young teens he attracts on a daily-basis, Bieber's spit has attracted a following of its own.

Earlier this month, a DJ accused Bieber of spitting in his face during a show at an Ohio nightclub. Addison Ulhaq was performing at the V.I.P. area at The Social Room bar in Columbus when an incident broke out after Bieber accused Ulhaq of taking photos of him. It's believed Bieber spat on Ulhaq in response. Ulhaq has since filed a police report against the singer and says he's had to get tested for Hepatitis after Bieber's saliva made its way into his eyes, nose and mouth.

And if Bieber isn't accused of spitting on DJ's at clubs, then he's facing charges for allegedly spitting on his neighbours or rumoured to spit in the water bottle of women while at the gym.

Now if only Bieber could spit rhymes as often as he spits his saliva...

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