07/26/2013 09:44 EDT

Priyanka Chopra Visits Millions Of Milkshakes, Makes Fans Go Wild (PHOTOS)

Priyanka Chopra caused Aishwarya Rai-esque pandemonium on Thursday while she was visiting Los Angeles.

The Bollywood vixen, who was in the city to debut her very own milkshake "The Exotic" at Millions of Milkshakes, was almost crushed by fans who bombarded the 31-year-old with autograph and photo requests.

Not that the actress minded the crush; Priyanka, who just recently debuted her new steamy new video "Exotic" featuring Pitbull, tweeted out her thanks to her millions of fans (more than 4 million on Twitter alone.)

"Good night world.. Thank u for all your love.. Love is when it's not just words.. It's action..thank u for making me feel like I belong," the raven-haired beauty tweeted.

But what we really want to know is: What exactly does an "The Exotic" milkshake taste like? We're guessing there's a dash of spice, some caramel and loads of chocolate ice cream. Mmmmm.

Priyanka Chopra At Millions Of Milkshakes