07/29/2013 22:24 EDT | Updated 09/28/2013 05:12 EDT

Flood fallout continues for some Etobicoke residents

There are some city residents who are still dealing with the fallout three weeks after a massive storm caused flash flooding on Toronto streets.

Michael Barnett lives on Thompson Avenue in Etobicoke, a street that was among the hardest hit parts of the city.

Barnett’s basement flooded with raw sewage when his sewer pipes overflowed.

His $15,000 worth of insurance will only go so far, meaning that the damaged items strewn across his lawn will never be replaced.

Barnett wants the city to provide some relief for residents like himself who have limited sewer backup insurance.

But Coun. Peter Milczyn said while Barnett can make a claim, there is little the city can offer.

Watch the video above to see a full report from the CBC's Jamie Strashin.